Want to Save the Bees?

     In order to save the bees, you have to be educated on the topic. Organizations such as Sweet Beez can help you understand the importance of bee keeping and how to help people learn more about this topic. If you are not local to Rochester, research an organization near you to help you become more involved in saving the honeybees.

     Another idea that can be done locally is to support your local farmers because that keeps the hives alive in your area. You can do this by shopping at farmer’s markets and going to a local grocer that uses local farmer’s produce. Some farmer’s markets have honey stands that supply honey from local hives.


     If you want to get hands on and become a DIY expert, you can plant your own garden that has bee friendly plants. Some of these plants include, lavender, sage, borage, snowdrops, zinnia and poppy. When you are done planting these, you might want to add a bee refreshment station.

     If you are feeling ambitious you can even build a hive. You can always contact a local beekeeper to ask how this can be done. But if you are not ready to take that on yourself, you can always adopt a hive. This means that you pay for a hive and you will receive some products from that hive, however you are not responsible for the care of the hive.

     If there are no local resources to contribute to, you can always buy from the following companies that ship worldwide. The Savannah Bee Company is one that sells beauty products and honey. J Crew is a fashion company that donates 50% of its Garments for Good collection profit to two organizations to save the bees. Burt’s Bees sells many products that support the use of pure beeswax and natural, whole ingredients.

     So you can start simple and work your way up to a beekeeping professional. No matter how you do it, learn about the bees and work to save them!


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